Folding & Gluing – One Piece Mailers

Kaps Finishing can produce packaging and mailing pieces by using the knowledge and skills of our finishing and folding operators, and the equipment to hand.

Folding & Gluing One Piece Mailers

Folding & Gluing One Piece Mailers

About Folding & Gluing One Piece Mailers

We are able to produce complex mail packs that do not need an outer envelope or poly-wrap, but fold and seal to create a single mail piece to distribute.

You can ask the team at Kaps for development advice and prototypes, they will advise on all types of gluing, attaching and folding.

Our experience and extensive range of folding, gluing and time cutting equipment enables us to create the most cost effective, innovative and response generating one-piece mailers, and folded personalised products.


Folding & Gluing - One Piece Mailer

Moll Regal:

  • With versa folder, perf & crease unit, final fold, bump ‘n’ turn, and dial-a-feed:
  • Wallets, maltese crosses, cartons, food packaging, pillow packs, conical folding, bottle collars etc.


  • Buskro Ink Jet System.
  • 2×1” heads: Names and addresses, PPI’s etc.
  • Runs in line on folders or muller.


  • MBO T79
  • MBO T69
  • MBO T72
  • Up to 6up working, miniature folding and all folders completewith gluing rollers

Mailing Line:

  • 2 x Hunkeler mailing tables
  • Stahl B1 vacuum table
  • Stahl TD78 re-moist table with stop/start perf & crease
  • Stahl TD66 re-moist table
  • Longford tip-on (cards, sachets, CD’s etc)
  • Stream Feeder
  • One piece mailers, maltese crosses, re-moist gum


  • Robatech re-moist (4 tanks)
  • Robatech cold peelable (8 heads)
  • Robatech hot peelable (6 heads)
  • Robatech cold permanent (8 heads)
  • Robatech hot permanent (6 heads)
  • Horse shoe re-moist, impact glueing, bang tails and spine glueing all possible

Our Print & Finishing Services

We have over 50 years experience in the printing industry and are therefore able to offer you advice and knowledge that is second to none.


Our services include;

"I have used Jack and everyone associated with him at KAPS finishing for the past 3 years on all forms of print finishing. I always find them personable and with a great wealth of knowledge about what they do. Their commitment is excellent and they never let me down however tight the deadline. Their prices are extremely reasonable and to find someone you can trust these days in this trade is very rare. I can't rate them highly enough."

Bradley Philpot

Sales/ Account Handling/ Estimating at Full Spectrum Print Media

"I have know Jack for quite a few years now and can honestly say he is one of the best in the industry, I have never been let on a promised delivery or deadline, his pro-active, responsive, trustworthy and most importantly the quality of his work is of the highest standard in the industry."

Ben B.

Football Agent – Anything is Possible


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